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Bitcoin Weekly Issue #2

April 09, 2020

5 Things That Will Boost Bitcoin Price in the Coming Months

Bitcoin hit an annual low of $3.8K on March 13, 2020 in the midst of a liquidity crisis that has spared no liquid market. Gold also lost value for a time. For Wall Street, it's even worse. Over one year, the Dow Jones is at -20%.

Bitcoin is back above $7K, and optimism will gradually return in the coming weeks. This is excellent as the Halving of May 2020 is getting closer every day.

This article presents 5 reasons why the price of Bitcoin should see a strong acceleration in the coming months.

Taproot and Private Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Taproot is one of the most significant Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP) written in recent years. In a nutshell, it aims to enable privacy and flexibility for Bitcoin smart contracts. As a side effect, it keeps Bitcoin's small blocks scalable and the block space accessible.

Fiat Money: the Real Virus Behind the Upcoming Economic Crisis

Bitcoiners have for a long time talked about the eventual fall of our societies as we know them right now. These predictions haven’t come to light by a wish of the annihilation of our way of life, but through a deep understanding and analysis of all the broken components that managed to somehow hold everything together, until now.

Money is being vilified constantly in our societies as it’s being portrayed as the main tool of malevolent and corrupt people. This is right, money is certainly a tool used by crooks to increase their power, but so is everyone else, leveraging money to better their way of life rightfully.

Bitcoin HODLER One Day, Bitcoin HODLER Forever

Bitcoin is an incredible revolution that has been growing block after block before our eyes for over eleven years now. The people who fundamentally believe in the Bitcoin revolution are what we call Bitcoiners.

These Bitcoiners, of which I am one, believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that really matters. The future belongs to Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies will sooner or later see their value tend towards zero. The most obvious proof of the total trust that Bitcoiners have in Bitcoin is the fact that they continue to HODL their Bitcoins no matter what.

Bitcoin Wallets Holding at Least 1 BTC Set to Hit 800K All-Time Highs

Bitcoin (BTC) addresses holding 1 BTC are on the rise — but only a maximum of 800,000 people currently own a whole coin. That is according to data released on March 28, which put the total number of wallets containing at least 1 BTC at all-time highs.

HODLers are the Revolutionaries

This article by Dan Held is from January 2019, but it is still very topical to make you aware of the importance of HODLERS for Bitcoin. HODLING Bitcoin is a great way to use Bitcoin.

HODLERS are the revolutionaries who support the Bitcoin revolution, and will accompany it to its full potential. For these HODLERS, a huge reward is at hand. As always, Bitcoin rewards those who truly believe in its revolution.

21 Million is Non-Negotiable

In the Bitcoin world, there’s a nagging question that has persisted for far too long. On the surface, the question seems plausible. It has even confused prominent bitcoin technologists and researchers into keeping an open mind about the answer. Will bitcoin be secure once the block reward subsidy ends?

Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, which are released on a schedule on average every 10 minutes, starting at 50 BTC every 10 minutes for the first 4 years, decreasing to 25 BTC per 10 minutes for the next 4 years, and continuing to be cut in half every 4 years, in an event commonly referred to as the halving, halvening, or more recently, as “Quantitative Hardening.”

[BOOK] The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative To Central Banking

This book by Saifedean Ammous is considered one of the best books on Bitcoin by many early adopters of technology. It teaches the historical context of Bitcoin’s development and the economic properties that make it unique and allow it to grow rapidly. You will also learn more about the likely economic, social and political consequences of this new technology.

A must-read that all investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies must read at least once!

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