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Bitcoin Weekly Issue #13

August 28, 2023

Bitcoin is a NgU Technology

Bitcoin is a world of its own with its codes and expressions. A true Bitcoin culture has developed over the years. When you enter this new world, you may get lost in reading expressions that keep coming up over and over again, but that no one will take the time to explain to you.

These expressions are called Bitcoin Memes.

You have probably already heard people use the following Memes: “Have fun staying poor”, “Few understand this”, “Number Go Up”, “Run the numbers”, …

So that you don’t feel left out the next time you hear or read these Bitcoin Memes, I offer you an explanation of what they mean. A dive into the heart of Bitcoin culture is available here: “The Eleven Most Popular Bitcoin Memes Explained“.

In what follows, I’m going to take a closer look at a popular Meme that has yielded the following assertion: “Bitcoin is a NgU Technology.”

Broken Money: Why Our Financial System is Failing Us and How We Can Make it Better

Lyn Alden has been a well-known voice in the Bitcoin world for many years.

Lyn Alden always shares sharp analyses of the flaws in the current monetary and financial system, while highlighting why Bitcoin is the future.

With her book “Broken Money”, Lyn Alden publishes a reference book that will show you how the current system has failed through a journey through the history of money. A good way to understand why Bitcoin is now an absolute necessity for humanity.

We’re probably looking at a new reference book here, after Saifedean Ammous’s Bitcoin Standard.

The War for Control of Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Is On, and Oman Is Getting In on the Act to the Tune of $1.1B.

The Sultanate of Oman recently unveiled a high-budget Bitcoin Mining facilities project, a sign of its confidence in the future of Bitcoin.

The other countries will be obliged to react. This is where the famous Game Theory that benefits Bitcoin will come into play in the months and years to come.

When Did Privacy Become a Bad Word?

In the aftermath of the Tornado Cash arrests, the DeFi Education Fund's Amanda Tuminelli and Miller Whitehouse-Levine write about the clash between liberty and security hightened by technology.

15 Bitcoin Insights Spock Would've Shared

Whether you're a Star Trek fan or not, you've probably heard of Spock at least once in your life.

Spock is a half-human, half-Vulcan being born in January 2230, i.e. 90 years after the last Bitcoin was issued around 2140.

At the time the Star Trek series was created, Bitcoin had not yet been invented (or discovered) by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, looking back recently at some of Spock's best-known quotes, it occurred to me that Spock would probably have been a Bitcoiner if the series were created today.

You'll see that these quotes, full of Spock wisdom but also tinged with sarcasm about human nature, apply perfectly to the incredible monetary revolution that is Bitcoin.

A fun way to link Bitcoin to one of the most famous extraterrestrial characters, but above all to look back at the reasons why you should focus on the Bitcoin revolution.

Stay Humble, Stack Sats on Stacker News

In the future, each accumulated Satoshi will potentially make a huge difference. So why not use every service that offers Sats stacking to your advantage?

Stacker News is a Hacker News to talk about Bitcoin that allows you to stack Sats. What could be better than sharing and exchanging with other Bitcoiners while taking the opportunity to accumulate Sats?

Try it and you will adopt it.

Bitcoin Seems To Be Holding On to $26K, but Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Prepare for a Sharper Correction

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