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Bitcoin Weekly #12

July 18, 2023

8 Quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche That Will Convince You of the Future Success of the Bitcoin Revolution

As you probably know, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a 19th-century German philosopher.

When you read his name in the title of this article, you may have had two initial reactions.

The first is probably that it brought back bad memories of your high school years when the educational system forced you to study the works of this philosopher. As you've gotten older, you may have changed your mind, but generally speaking, most high-school students hate these philosophy courses forced upon them.

The second reaction is “WTF?!?” ... What does Friedrich Nietzsche have to do with Bitcoin?

It may seem surprising at first glance, but if you make an effort to read on, you'll see that Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy comes very close to what the Bitcoin revolution has been facing since its inception.

So here are 8 famous quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche to relate to Bitcoin and its unique monetary revolution.

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

Have you ever heard a smart sounding friend say that they aren’t sure about bitcoin but they believe in blockchain technology?

This is like saying you believe in airplanes but you’re not sure about the wings; and there’s a good chance that anyone who thinks that may not understand either. In reality, bitcoin and its blockchain are dependent on each other.

However, if new to bitcoin, understanding how it works and parsing the landscape can be incredibly difficult. Frankly, it can be overwhelming; given the complexity and sheer volume of projects, who has the time to possibly evaluate everything? There is in fact a manageable path but you have to know where to start.

While there are seemingly thousands of cryptocurrencies and blockchain initiatives, there is really only one that matters: bitcoin. Ignore everything else like it didn’t exist and first try to develop an understanding of why bitcoin exists and how it works; that is the best foundation to then be able to think about the entirety of everything else.

Five Economic Terms You Should Know When Learning About Bitcoin

Studying bitcoin involves learning something about damn near everything. For the author, it was introduced via computer science, coding, and cryptography, none of which he knew much about before falling down the rabbit hole.

You will also learn about history, law, monetary theory and economics, all stuff he was interested in since the 1970s.

The purpose of the author here is to briefly explain a few economic concepts you may have never heard of before. If you start reading articles about bitcoin or listening to podcasts these terms will be thrown around as if they’re common knowledge.

Money Printing is an Unstoppable Addiction. Bitcoin is the Cure.

The current monetary and financial system is totally flawed and not fixable.

The only response to every crisis from central bankers like Jerome Powell is to print more fiat money out of thin air. This only postpones even bigger problems. The problem is that each time, the fiat money to be printed out of thin air to give the illusion that the issues have been solved keeps increasing exponentially.

30 years ago, a few billion dollars were enough… 20 years ago, tens of billions of dollars … 10 years ago, a hundred billion dollars… Today, we’re talking in trillions of dollars…

The situation just keeps getting worse, and in the face of this unstoppable addiction to money printing, to which central bankers keep giving in, Bitcoin is the Cure. More and more people will understand this in the future, as the flaws in the current system continue to be exposed more and more each day.

The sooner you understand that Bitcoin is your solution to protecting your future regarding money, the better for your future.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Lose Money Trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies

When I talk to you about Bitcoin, I constantly explain that I have chosen to be a Bitcoin HODLer rather than a Bitcoin Trader.

Daily trading is something that requires specific skills, but also time, lots of time. I'm interested in the price action of Bitcoin daily, I even write about it from time to time for my readers, but I'm a Bitcoin HODLer because it fits my profile.

I have total confidence in the success of the Bitcoin revolution, so I let time work in my favor. I understand that others may not make this choice, but that is at their own risk as I always say.

That being said, I see at least 10 reasons why you might lose money with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies if you decide to become a trader.

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As we witness the ongoing evolution of Bitcoin and its impact on the global economy, one thing becomes clear: Bitcoin’s potential is far-reaching, and the possibilities are limitless.

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